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Red Earth of the Future


Affirmation of ancestral knowledge during the formation of organisational management of Andean-Amazonian youth and their territories. Projects Amazon Ecuador

Training for organizational management of Andean-Amazon youth and their territories

OBJECTIVE: To implement socio-productive strategies (agro-ecological systems and community tourism circuits) as alternatives to promote food security and strengthen the effective management of the Andean-Amazonian Kichwas and rural families. Projects Amazon Ecuador

PARTICIPANTS: Tzawata, Amazonian Community and Zanja Arajuno

“The Salt Road” / inter-cultural exchange between young people of Kichwa (Ecuador) and Shipipo-Konibo (Peru) indigenous groups by strengthening their youth organization and defense of the Amazon.

La ruta de la sal - Projects Amazon Ecuador

La ruta de la sal

OBJETIVE: To strengthen the organisational process of young people of participating organisations (in Ecuador and Peru) through collective learning in a large community workshop in which current contentious issues of the Amazonian youth are addressed (territory, cultural identity, socio-political organisation) and a strategic agenda for defense of their territory is drawn up.

PARTICIPANTS: Framtidsjörden, Non Nete, Zanja Arajuno and Amazonian Community


Uruguay-Ecuador traveling school: Women struggling for sisterhood “Mamá Dulu” (methodological South-South exchange)

Mujeres en lucha por la sororidad “Mamá Dulu” - Projects Amazon Ecuador

Mujeres en lucha por la sororidad “Mamá Dulu”


OBJETIVE: To exchange knowledge and life experiences in order to start building a common language and to implement, within the framework of Red Earth of the Future, strategies and methods incorporating gender perspective which strengthen citizenship and Human Rights.

PARTICIPANTS: Framtidsjörden, Colectivo La Pitanga, Southern Communities, Zanja Arajuno and Amazonian Community


Projects Amazon Ecuador

Diagnosis of the conservation status of the eastern slopes of the central Andes of Ecuador: Llanganates-Sangay and high basin of Anzu river Ecological Corridor.

Conservación de la vertiente oriental de los andes centrales del Ecuador - Projects Amazon Ecuador

Conservation of the eastern slopes of the central Andes of Ecuador

OBJETIVE: To explore the conservation status of the eastern slopes of the central Ecuadorian Andes, in the Ecological Corridor Llanganates – Sangay and in the upper basin of the Rio Anzu, through biological, geospatial and socio-cultural analyses in certain sectors among populations of Río Negro, Tungurahua, Boayaku, and Pastaza.

PARTICIPANTS: Universidad Estatal Amazónica, Proyecto De Conservación Del Tapir Andino y Zanja Arajuno


Linking the Community

Responsible Tourism and Environmental Education

papa y celso - Projects Amazon Ecuador

Projects Amazon Ecuador